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Regulation of Yahoo Japan ID

Regulation of Yahoo Japan ID
  • Yahoo Japan ID except Japan Shopping Service issued is not available.
  • Your own Yahoo Japan auction ID is only available for bidding on your auction.
    If you use it for another thing, your id will be deleted immediately and your all orders will be canceled withour any refund.
    In case that there is any charges for the id, you owe pay it.
  • Your own Yahoo Japan auction ID will be issued in 3-5 days after receiving your request.
[Upgrade to premium ID]
We don't upgrade Yahoo Japan ID to Premium one.
Please use our Auto bid service.
  • Needs more than total 5 (=positive - negative) feedbacks by Yahoo Japan ID.
  • Rating is 100%
  • If you have many negative feedbacks in passed, we can't upgrade your any ID.
[Normal ID]
(Negative Feedbacks / Positive feedbacks) >= 30%
    ->Delete ID without any warning.
[Premium ID]
(Negative Feedbacks / Positive feedbacks) >= 20%
    -> Downgrade to normal ID without any warning.
[Cost of premium id]
1000 yen is charged for yahoo japan premium until the end of a month.
[Free premium id]
1. If you made successfull order more than one in a month, your id will be keep the premium id FREE.
2. If you don't have any order in a month, your id will be downgrade to normal id.