Storage period
Basic storage period: 45 days

We keep your items FREE in our warehouse for 45 days starting on a day we receive all items in an order.

(e.g.) An order has 3 items. 2 items arrive on April 18th JST. Remaining 1 item arrives on July 1st JST.
Storage period is August 15th (=45 days starting on July 1st).
Extend storage period
Extended storage period: 7 days
Maximum extension times: 2
Storage fee for each item: 0 [JPY/day]

We keep your items FREE for (extended storage period + basic storage period).
You can extend your storage period by "Extend" button on your order history page before the storage period expire.
  *Extend button is on "History" page (By History button on our header part).
You can extend the period for 7 days with each extension.

(e.g.) Date arrived: March 17th JST, Storage period: May 1st JST
[CASE 1]
Extend on March 17th JST -> Extended Storage period: May 8 JST
[CASE 2]
Extend on May 1st JST -> Extended Storage period: May 8 JST

Maximum storage period
Maximum FREE storage period is 59 days (If you extend the period).
Storage period expires
We cancel your expired order without prior notice.
We don't refund any payment.

* We could consider keeping your orders some more days. Please email us before your storage period expires.