Auction Support service

    • We combine and ship your item to your preferred address.
    • We process all transactions inside japan.
    • You only place the order and send the 1st payment for your item.
    • You don't need to take care of japanese matter.
    • International Shipping is available.
Do you need help to find item? Just asking is free. Contact us.
Bid methods
We supports 3 types of bidding method.
Yahoo Auction (Yourself) Bid on Yahoo Auction YOUR SELF using your yahoo japan ID we issue.
We recommend to use this service in case you already familiar to bid.
You have direct control over the bidding process and auction prioing.
Yahoo Auction (Auto) Bid on Yahoo Auction using our system.
Our system can bid 365 days/24hour automatically.
Auction (Manual) Bid on Rakuten auction, MBOK and so on.