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Online Shop

Supported Online Shop
We support all Japanese online shop in Japan except SURUGAYA, AMIAMI, デジタミン and ジモティ.
Please fill your inquiry about color, size of item on Item comments field.
* Inquity is not available for Buy It Now option. Please use We will try to purchase it during our business hours. option.
Buy It Now(BIN)
  • We purchase your item in few seconds - few mintues 24/365.
    • It will take few seconds - few mintues to purchase your item because our BIN system is not automatic program.
  • Available only for Mercari, Mercari-shops, paypayfleamarket and Fril(RAKUMA).
  • Any inquiry is not available for this option. If there is an inquiry, please use We will try to purchase it during our business hours. option.
  • We don't purchase your item by BIN option in case that the item might be a prohibit item. We will purchase it during our business hours.
    Whether we can purchase will be determined by an category, item title, and description.
  • This option is shown when you fill CORRECT URL of supported site on our checkout page .
Pre-order item
We support a pre-order item.
Please take note: We recommend you place another order for a pre-order item because we don't ship this order until we receive all items in this order.
Multiple items from different shops
  • You can put mutiple items from different sellers in an cart.
  • Maximum number of items in an cart is 20.
    • If you wish to purchase over 20 items, please divide them into several orders.
  • You can increase/decrease number of items in an cart by "Number of items" list box.
Authenticity of an item
We couldn't check the authenticity of an item. In addition, we couldn't take any responsibility even if it is a fake.
Also, no refunds will be given.
Phishing site
We couldn't take any responsibility even if an seller is a phishing site. Also, no refunds will be given.
We will try to check a phishing site. However we can not check it 100%. Please check it and place an order on our site at your own risk.

How to make order

Step 1: Prepare item information
You could add your items into your cart directly using our tools.

Please prepare the followin information per item.
Item URL, Price and Quantity are mandatory.
  • Item name: Max. length is 256 letters. English or Japanese is available. If url will exceed 256 letters, please write it in comments form.
  • Item URL: Max. length is 600 letters.
  • Item Price: Item price in Japanese yen
  • Quantity
Step 2: Select Online shop service
Order button our our header part -> Online shop button
Step 3: Register your account or Sign In
In case that you have already signed in, this window will not appear. Proceed to next step.

For New Customers: Please register and proceed to the next step.

For Returning Customers: Please Sign In and proceed to the next step.
Step 4: Fill item information, delivery address, shipping method and packing option.
Fill the required informations and click to "Confirm order" button.

[Delivery address]
You can change the delivery address when you request to pack after we receive your item only in case you select the shipping method "Select after we receives item".

[Shipping method]
Select your preferred shipping method.
We recommend to select "Select after JSS receives item" option because you can select your pferred shipping method after we receives item.

[Packing option]
If you are not sure which option is better, select "Hold to combine with another order(s)" option.
You can decide to pack only this order or combine with another order(s).
Step 5: Confirm your order
Confirm your order.

[Back button] Back to previous page and edit your order.

[Pay First payment button] After click the button, you will go to Paypal site and pay First payment by your paypal account balance or Credit card.
Step 6: Your order has been placed!
Your order has been placed successfully.