Japan post office announced the following on 2020-07-18.

International shipment will be restricted due to the COVID-19. Please refer to this page about the detail.
It will be applied for all shipments from July 17 2020.

About a shipment to US: Only international parcel post SURFACE and Yamato trans. are available.

International shipment will be delayed. Please refer to this page about the detail.

It's taking about 2-3 weeks to deliver to Europe.
Please refer to this page about the detail.

We are very sorry for taking very long time to support another shipping company.
We will support Yamato Trans. for United States and Chile from July 11 JST.
We will increase the supprted country gradually.

About the restriction of international shipping:

We can proceed your NEW ORDER as usual.

We would like to keep your item(s) in our storage without our storage fee even if it passed 30 days until the restrictions are lifted.

** Our storage fee will be charged only in case you request to pack your item(s) and passes for 7 days in state "Waiting last payment" in the same manner as before.


Commission fee is charged for First payment.
It will be adjusted for Last payment if the total price with tax of all items in an order is changed.
This will be applied for orders starting on 2020-08-07 17:00 JST.

Detailed search function was added to Mercari tool

New Premium yahoo japan id will not be issued from June 13 2018 JST.

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