Important notice

2021-12-20: Shipment by FedEx is suspended due to their system probolem. We will ship your parcels after they fix the bugs.
2021-01-06: Shipment by Fedex will be resumed on Jan. 12 JST since FedEx problem was solved.
Q. When it will be resumed.
A. It will be resumed on Jan. 12

Q. Why it's not available?
A. FedEx system has a problem for certain person including us. We can arrange a shipment using FedEx shipment Beta version from Jan. 12.
Q. Why!
A. ...



All transactions including a reply to your email is delay 3-5 days dut to our long holiday.
We will try to solve this issue as soon as possible.
Hotmail, outlook and live

All of our emails to Hotmail, outlook and live are rejected by their email server.
We are asking them to remove us from their block list for 4 months. However, they does not delete us from the list.

Please try the following.
1. Use another email account like gmail or yahoo if you are using Hotmail, outlook or live.
You can chenge your email address by Account button in our header part -> account information button.

2. Add and to SAFE SENDER LIST of your email client software.
Safe list does not work.

PayPay flea market tool was released.

[2021-09-29] Mercari tool and BIN option

Mercari tool is not working now. Please use offical Mercari site
Mercari BIN option is not working now. Please use Manul option. We will work to fix this issue in a week.
Mercari BIN option and Mercari tool are resumed. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.
[Japan post office] Resumption of EMS Service to the United States and introduce additional fees for EMS addressed to Zone 2.

Japan post office will resume EMS service to the United States effective June 1.
Japan post office will also introduce additional fees for EMS addressed to Zone 2 (Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East and Europe) effective June 1 because of rising transportation costs.
For details, please see here.
[UPDATED][2021-11-15] Restriction of international shipping

This change will apply for all orders.
Countries (There is no shipping method by Japan post office): We will keep your item(s) in our storage without our storage fee even if it passes 30 days until a shipping method by Japan post office is available.
** Our storage fee will be charged only in case you request to pack your item(s) and passes for 7 days in state "Waiting last payment" in the same manner as before.

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Japan-based shop run by a Japanese merchant.

Delivering items to you direct from Japan. Even if you could read Japanese,
you may find that most of the shops in Japan do not allow international shipping.


Because most Japanese shops either do not support transactions
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Our shop supports both English & Japanese transactions.
We will process all transactions in Japan completely and ship your item to worldwide.

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