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  Forward service
Collect, combine and forward to you

  • Use us as your storage space.
  • Save the shipping cost.
  • You purchase and send your item to us.
  • We hold, combine and ship to you when you wish.
  • All payments needs to be made via PayPal.
  • We only accept japanese yen.
  • The item by this service can combine with the item by our another services.
  • We can hold the item in 30 days. You lose the right of the item in case the period 30 days passes without any contacts.

Transaction Flow
1. Prepare the following information about your item.
        a) item name
        a) item url
        a) Detailed description of item
        b) Value of item
        c) Number of items contained
    - Shipping method
    - Address we send
2. Order our Forward service. We will reply our address and issue BSC(Bulk Shipment Code).
3. You (or Online shop and so on) send the item to us.
    [COD (Cash On Delivery)]
      - You need to send the value of COD in the step 1.
4. We will receive the item and send the invoice to you.
    Commission fee: 500 yen/parcel
        In case the shipping cost from us to you exceeds 10000 yen,
        the commission fee will be 500 yen + 5% of (shipping cost + insurance fee).

5.We will send the item to you after confirming the payment.
Payment schedule
Total cost: Shipping cost + Commission fee + Transaction fee

    Commission fee: 200 yen x (number of received parcels) + 20% of (Shipping cost + registered/insurance fee) [All orders starting on 15 January 2017]
    [Campaign] Commission fee: 200 yen x (number of received parcels) + 15% of (Shipping cost + registered/insurance fee) + 50 yen [All orders starting on September 1st 2017 until June 30 2018.]

    Transaction fee:
        NOT COD: FREE
        COD: 4.5% * COD value + 50 yen

Our business time

You can place an order 24/365.
Proceed your order: AM10-PM5, Mon.-Sun. JST
Reply to your email: AM10-PM5, Mon.-Fri. JST
Packing: AM10-PM3, Mon.-Fri. JST
Shipping: Mon. Wed. Fri. JST

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